OFFICIAL SXSW ARTIST 2020 - Performing March 16th at Valhalla 

Christine Renner is a singer/songwriter based in Austin, Texas. Her music is a nostalgic cross between indie-pop and classic rock and roll. Christine's lyrics are edgy, emotional and take you into the depths of her experiences with life, love, and heartbreak.

Christine’s recordings and live shows are exciting & electrifying. Her music moves her audience through stories of life’s ups and downs – the emotions of love and heartbreak. Sometimes loud and intense, other times soft and introspective - she always pours her heart out on every song and every performance. 

Christine recently released her critically acclaimed EP “Tonight” - recorded with Grammy nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith. This EP has recently received radio airplay in several markets, and reviews from many notable sources. A well known Austin based blog, The Cosmic Clash, describes Christine’s music: “Her music is largely influenced by classic rock and modern indie-pop. That said, her new EP comes across as a fusion of the two genres, delivered as an ode to 90’s alternative radio. The nostalgia factor plays into this record despite the artist’s relative youth.”(Brian Hillsman). She has a passion to create, express, entertain, and give her audience an unforgettable performance that will have them coming back for more. 


Christine Renner was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Growing up in the live music capital of the world and in a music loving family, she was exposed to the music scene at a very young age. She began playing piano, guitar, singing and songwriting at around 11 years old. When she was only 12 years old she began writing her first studio album called “Something Real” with 8 original songs released in 2014. The soundtrack of Christine’s childhood was Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, and many more classics. Christine is very influenced by classic rock, but she also has a love for modern pop/rock music such as The 1975, Harry Styles, and The Paper Kites.   

During her high school years, Christine continued to write, record and perform. She joined local music communities such as The Musician's Woodshed and the Austin School of Music. This gave her the opportunity to network with like-minded musicians as well continue her musical training. In late 2016, Christine started recorded a 4 song EP called “Explore”. These tracks show Christine’s folky and dreamy side of her songwriting.

Fast forward to 2018, Christine began recording her newest EP called “Tonight” featuring 6 songs that will be released in 2019. She worked with producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith at The Bubble studio on this record. Christine also worked with legendary singer/songwriter, guitar player, and producer Arielle on the . This EP showcases Christine’s musical metamorphosis. As she’s grown and changed over the past couple of years, she’s began to find herself in the pop/rock scene. Her new music is ready for big stages and radio airplay, but still captures the deep raw emotion that she originally wrote the songs with in her bedroom. She is currently in the process of writing and recording her 4th studio project "Heartbreaker". 

Christine Renner has been fortunate to perform at many iconic venues including Emo’s, Antones, One World Theater, Mohawk, Empire Control Room, Barracuda, One-2-One Bar, Maggie Maes, Cedar Street Courtyard, Stay Gold, South Austin Brewery, Alamo Drafthouse, Hole In The Wall, Dozen Street, Carousel Lounge, and more. 

Whenever Christine is not writing or performing music, she is teaching music. Christine has a dream to share her love of music to the world and through performing music and teaching music she is able to fulfill those dreams daily.

"Tonight" EP Cover (Click to listen)

"Tonight" EP Cover (Click to listen)